Elsinore Middle School

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Hello! I am happy to describe myself as a passionate learner and teacher. I chose "learner" first because I believe we should learn more than we teach! The students teach me how to be a better human and of course, I'm always excited to learn something new about SCIENCE!!!
I have had many careers in my life, however, being a teacher is by far the most rewarding. My passion for learning and discussing science gave me the nudge to make the leap from Geologist to Science Teacher. Thankfully my education at Sonoma State University (BS Geology) fit in with becoming the teacher I am today. The tools I learned from SSU were that hard work and an open mind are the keys to success.  To be the best teacher possible I returned to school and received my Master's Degree in Education.
Working as an 8th-grade science teacher at EMS is both challenging and rewarding. What else could I ask for?