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Student Drop Off and Pick Up

We will have multiple staff members on campus at the start and end of each day to help direct and guide students and grab and go meals will be provided at the gates while exiting.  Students will need to go directly home after leaving campus as their school day is not over and distance learning will start at 10:45 AM. 

Please note:  These gates will differ from the start and end of the day and from one day to another based on yours student's schedule.  We recommend that you establish a common area for drop off and pick up with your student and have them walk to their designated gate.  We encourage you to print out a copy of the map and set up a schedule with your student based on your cohort. 

Parents, the parking lots are not for student drop off and will be closed for safety reasons.  Again, please plan accordingly and have a designated area set up with your student prior to Monday.

Thanks so much and we are so excited to see you on Monday!
Pick-up/Drop-off for Cohort A
Pick-up/Drop-off for Cohort B
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