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Common Core » What Is Common Core

What Is Common Core

Common Core General Information

About Common Core
The Kindergarten-12 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) represent a set of expectations for student knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college and careers. CCSS will help ensure that students receive a high quality education consistent, from school to school and state to state. The development of the CCSS was spearheaded by two organizations - the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association. View Frequently Asked Questions,  helpful factsand what parents should know about Common Core (download Myth vs. Facts Q&A in PDF format).
The criteria used to develop the CCSS were:
  • Aligned with college and work expectations
  • Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order skills
  • Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards
  • Informed by top-performing countries, so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society
  • Evidence and/or research-based

Standards-based Report Cards & Common Core
We've updated a ten minute video about standards-based report cards currently used in grades 1-5. Click on the frames below to view in English or Spanish (requires Flash to playback on your PC, tablet, or other device).

View video in English:


Vea el video en español:


View a video of LEUSD elementary teachers applying Common Core strategies to a lesson study in math.


Estándares Estatales Centrales Comunes: Historia


Los Estándares Estatales Centrales Comunes K-12 (CCSS, por sus siglas en inglés) representan una serie de expectativas de conocimiento y aptitudes estudiantiles necesarias para triunfar encolegio y carrera. CCSS ayudará a garantizar que los alumnos reciban una edu­cación de calidad que es consistente entre escuelas y estados. Dos organizaciones están a la cabeza de esta iniciativa: ElConsejo de Jefes Educativos Estatales y la Asociación Nacional de Gobernadores.


Criterios que se usaron para formar los CCSS:

  • Alineados con expectativas de colegio y trabajo
  • Incluye contenido riguroso y aplicación de conocimiento mediante aptitudesde alto orden
  • Forjados sobre virtudes y lecciones de las normas estatales actuales
  • Informados por países de mayor desempeño, para que todos los alumnos esténpreparados para triunfar en nuestra economía y sociedad global
  • Basado en evidencia y/oen investigaciones


Three Minute Video About Common Core