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ROAR Focus

Spring Semester, 2020-2021
Week 20 (5/31/21 - 6/04/21)
Focus: Responsibility
Finish your school off on the right note by completing all current and possible make up assignments and try for the best grades possible!
Week 19 (5/24/21 - 5/28/21)
Focus: Attitude
Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude!  Reflect on your attitude--What can you change to make next year even better?
Week 18 (5/17/21 - 5/21/21)
Focus: Organization
Organize yourself by cleaning out your folders and look for work you haven't turned in.  Your teachers have been waiting for it.  Do what you can to raise your grade because we're in the home stretch.
Week 17 (5/10/21 - 5/14/21)
Focus: Respect
Acknowledge your teachers in class and communicate with others by saying "hello," "goodbye," and "thank you."  Your teachers care about you!
Week 16 (5/03/21 - 5/07/21)
Focus: Responsibility
With 5 weeks remaining, show responsibility by turning in all your work and communicating with your teachers about your grade.  It's never too late to improve your grades!
Week 15 (4/26/21 - 4/30/21)
Focus: Attitude
Show your great attitude with a positive message in your Zoom background.
Week 14 (4/19/22 - 4/23/21)
Focus: Organization
Make sure you are familiar with the various schedules for your cohort and are logging in to the correct Zoom sessions for the entire week.
Week 13 (4/12/22 - 4/16/21)
Focus: Respect
Respect each other's safety by wearing a mask at all times when on campus and maintaining 6 feet apart.  We all have to do our part.
Week 12 (4/05/22 - 4/09/21)
Focus: Responsibility
Be responsible and communicate with your parents and teachers on all school activities, assignments, and any questions you may have so that we can make things easier for you!
Week 11 (3/15/22 - 3/26/21)
Focus: Attitude
Stay focused and work hard all the way up to spring break!
Week 10 (3/15/21 - 3/19/21)
Focus: Organization
Keep a "to do" list of work and assignments to complete and check them off when they are done!
Week 9 (3/08/21 - 3/12/21)
Focus: Respect
Be at your computer during class and make sure to answer when the teacher calls on you.
Week 8 (3/01/21 - 3/05/21)
Focus: Responsibility
Be responsible by being on time to class and making assignment deadlines.
Week 7 (2/22/21 - 2/26/21)
Focus: Attitude
Show that you are "ready to learn" by having your camera on during Zoom sessions and participating.
Week 6 (2/15/21 - 2/19/21)
Focus: Organization
Have needed materials ready to work.
Week 5 (2/08/21 - 2/12/21)
Focus: Respect
Answer questions verbally or in the chat box when prompted.
Week 4 (2/01/21 - 2/05/21)
Focus: Responsibility
Be present and avoid doing other things while learning.  You are still in class.
Week 3 (1/25/21 - 1/29/21)
Focus: Attitude
Be willing to try something new.
Week 2 (1/18/21 - 1/22/21)
Focus: Organization
Start the second semester off right by using your planner agenda to write down all assignments and due dates.
Week 1 (1/11/21 - 1/15/21)
Focus: Respect
Respect yourself and your physical health by following all safety guidelines for COVID prevention and exercising.
Fall Semester, 2020-2021
Week 18 (12/14/20 - 12/18/20)
Focus: Responsibility
Get as many of your assignments done, including late work, before the end of the week.  Finish the semester strong and with a good grade!
Week 17 (12/07/20 - 12/11/20)
Focus: Attitude
Keep a positive attitude and do your best to finish the semester off well.  If you believe in yourself, you can make things happen.
Week 16 (11/30/20 - 12/04/20)
Focus: Organization
Make sure you are making up all missing assignments as the semester is ending in three weeks.  Let's finish strong.  Remember, grades count!
Week 15 (11/16/20 - 11/20/20)
Focus: Respect
Please follow all class rules and guidelines to make the best classroom experience possible.
Week 14 (11/09/20 - 11/13/20)
Focus: Responsibility
Ask questions if you are confused or need clarification to let your teachers know you need help.
Week 13 (11/02/20 - 11/06/20)
Focus: Attitude
Be the most positive you and make good choices.
Week 12 (10/26/20 - 10/30/20)
Focus: Organization
Have materials ready and follow through on individual assignments.
Week 11 (10/19/20 - 10/23/20)
Focus: Respect
Respect your peer's opinions and do not take screenshots or videos of them without their consent.
Week 10 (10/12/20 - 10/16/20)
Focus: Responsibility
Be on time to class and stay on task the entire class period.
Week 9 (10/05/20 - 10/09/20)
Focus: Attitude
Use equipment and platforms like Zoom and Teams for appropriate school reasons.
Week 8 (9/28/20 - 10/02/20)
Focus: Organization
Be on time to class and ready to work.
Week 7 (9/21/20 - 9/25/20)
Focus: Respect
If you need to leave for a moment during class, send your teacher a note in the chat room or tell them.
Week 6 (9/14/20 - 9/18/20)
Focus: Responsibility
Be present during Zoom live sessions, turn your camera on and avoid doing other things during instruction.  Stay focused on your work and learning.
Week 5 (9/07/20 - 9/11/20)
Focus: Attitude
Be patient with yourself and other as we get used and adjusted to distance learning.  Understand that we're all learning new things and be positive.
Week 4 (8/31/20 - 9/04/20)
Focus: Organization
Turn off all other devices (cell phones, etc.) during class time to focus on Zoom sessions and Canvas assignments.  Find a distraction-free place while at school.
Week 3 (8/24/20 - 8/28/20)
Focus: Respect
Use the chat room for respectful conversations that are focused on the objective of the day.