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ROAR Focus

Week of 10/19/2020
Focus: Respect
Respect your peer's opinions and do not take screenshots or videos of them without their consent.
Week of 10/12/2020
Focus: Responsibility
Be on time to class and stay on task the entire class period.
Week of 10/05/2020
Focus: Attitude
Use equipment and platforms like Zoom and Teams for appropriate school reasons.
Week of 9/28/2020
Focus: Organization
Be on time to class and ready to work.
Week of 9/21/2020
Focus: Respect
If you need to leave for a moment during class, send your teacher a note in the chat room or tell them.
Week of 9/14/2020
Focus: Responsibility
Be present during Zoom live sessions, turn your camera on and avoid doing other things during instruction.  Stay focused on your work and learning.
Week of 9/07/2020
Focus: Attitude
Be patient with yourself and other as we get used and adjusted to distance learning.  Understand that we're all learning new things and be positive.
Week of 8/31/2020
Focus: Organization
Turn off all other devices (cell phones, etc.) during class time to focus on Zoom sessions and Canvas assignments.  Find a distraction-free place while at school.
Week of 8/24/2020
Focus: Respect
Use the chat room for respectful conversations that are focused on the objective of the day.